Understanding People ~
Strengths & Resiliency

 PREP has pioneered in understanding people, identifying personal short and long term resiliency with a surprisingly simple 5 minute survey.  For 40 years, we have delivered powerful, easy-to-use reports,  tools & certifications for organizations and individuals to improve communications, team productivity, workplace resiliency and health –  across cultures & generations, building respect and trust.

-Recognize high-functioning burn-out early on
-Tackle challenging conversations respectfully, effectively
-Become aware of personal resiliency levels using objective metrics with non-threatening, trust-building tools
-Identify best career and job matches – yours and others
-Interview with easy rapport questions, revealing deep insight, long-term matching and candidate resiliency


KNOWING ME & KNOWING YOU PREP helps you find your best fit!

The PREP survey is a remarkable tool that makes it all possible.

“A  moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes


So simple, accurate and effective to use and apply at work, school or home.  PREP has four decades of data, validation, norming, organizational and individual successful stories of best matches:   in teamwork, hiring, career exploration, our survey insights help you understand your capacity to cope with stressors, personal resiliency and their impact on wellness, decision-making, timing for taking on more projects or re-balancing life.

This intuitive system starts with straightforward survey that quickly leads to unique and comprehensive uses and insights that stay with you and support your personal understanding of yourself and others.  From hiring to succession planning to mental wellness personal plans to management rapid insight into employees whose productivity or engagement has declined or plateaued, or those others that are important to you and are so different it can be hard to connect with them.

Real World Applications

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