Career, Communication, and Executive Coaching

Top athletes in every sport seek out personal coaches so they can fine-tune and constantly improve their performance and sustain levels of motivation that help them overcome obstacles in order to achieve excellence. Personality-based Coaching personalizes the process elegantly and simply--from finding the right Coach, to identifying personal development areas, to augmenting your leadership and career strengths, to understanding how to better thrive with change and manage your daily stresses.

PREP equips clients and consultants with individualized coaching skills using PREP's Personal Strengths Profile, The Coach™, Group Match™ and Job Match™ software. The insight PREP gives you and the members of your team, or even training your managers in-house results in timely, respectful and effective resolutions to your key people decisions.

PREP's Personal Strengths Profile, communication guides and software offer managers and professionals critical perspectives and communication skills for coaching others in:

  • Assessing Change Readiness and timing their communications with others
  • Understanding how to give effective and respectful feedback
  • Viewing relationships for different and more resourceful perspectives
  • Communicating in different personality languages
  • Enhancing creativity

Career Coaching

Working in the right job makes a qualitative difference in a person's life. Our career coaching supports our clients in developing and achieving a career vision. It takes into account personality style, values, personal vision and mission to provide a clear path to a next step … the right next step. PREP keys to coaching others in career planning include:

  • Natural position and industry matches
  • Motivation factors for current interests or career directions
  • Identifying energy levels to match job demands
  • The Coach™ assesses change readiness for making career transitions
  • Identifying ones career vision and personal mission

Online Coaching: PREP-Connect Services

PREP Profile Systems offers clients web- and phone-based personal coaching for a variety of areas --from career development to Executive Coaching to Leadership styles to communication tips in conflicted work relationships. A PREP Coach, specially selected based on your area of needs and personality style, is available virtually 24/7 to support you in your key work relationship and career decisions. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. Or if you're ready, you can schedule your myCoach session online.

Interpersonal Communication Coaching

Today, effective managing means building and maintaining relationships with a wide array of people. The core of PREP's mission is and has always been about building relationships of trust and respect. Top managers across the country are using our techniques to bring more productivity — and fun! — into their workplace relationships. These are some types of relationships we've helped revitalize:

Supervisor <—> Employee

Employee <—> Employee

Supervisor <—> Supervisor

Management <—> Board Members

The Coach™ program of software, workshop and workbook allow for deeper insights to aligning personal values with ones' vision. This is an insightful and trust-building management and organizational development tool that enhances:

  • Exploring in one-on-one or small group workshops ones' personal and organizational strengths.
  • Building networks within an organization and across teams and divisions.
  • Learning more about organizational opportunities employees' best “matches”.

Executive Coaching

How do we learn most about ourselves? Most of us would agree that ‘putting the cards on the table' clearly and directly, so we can draw our own conclusions is simplest. PREP's system is ideal for revealing current and potential impact of our actions-- on ourselves and on others-- in an objective, respectful, reliable and clear manner.

  • PREP's Personal Strength Profile™ and CORE™ traits, insights and results are display graphically.
  • Descriptive feedback is simple and deep.
  • Current motivation and change/stress indicators reveal what is going on…and whether their changes are working well or non-productively.
  • The Coach™ workbook and software report assist individuals in reviewing their results privately or with their manager/coach and apply them to their work and personal lives.
  • The Communicator™ and Pocket Communicator™ are ready references for daily communication coaching for fewer misunderstandings and more satisfying relationships.


JoAn Mann has an aptitude for working with people. Her PREP Profile System is amazingly accurate and has helped to transform our organization, but it is her communication skills mixed with the profile that enables her to accomplish so much.DR - Owner
Rosell Financial Group
Bend, OR

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