Customized Personality Reports

Virtually every organization wants to better people relationships--both within the organization, attracting new people to use and enjoy what their products or services offer as well as with investors, the public at large and even future generations.

Building People Relationships

However, not all organizations need the same information about people.

PREP has an innovative and powerful program to help organizations understand their people-factor. Because Powered by PREP ™ means using a very simple, non-threatening survey that generates remarkable amounts of insightful information on people, we can help customize both website and reporting solutions that will get you what you and your organization and its partners need to know to thrive in this ever-changing world. And, we're fast, flexible and affordable.


  • Leadership Training Programs where your organization's branding is highly desirable
  • Hiring for specific positions or where there are complicated steps in the interviewing or recruiting process to assure success.
  • Consultants may develop proprietary programs that they want to brand, personalize and want specific information included that will support their message to clients.
  • Specialized target audience: perhaps career counseling for students that require additional services because of client circumstances.
  • Global organizations needing language translations.
  • Organizations that have used another personality report and they wish to build on the first personality experienceand use PREP's insights for current team dynamics, hiring or succession planning. PREP does personality type and trait translations!

Sample Situation:

Client needs a hiring tool that provides a partnered decision-tree, with the primary hiring decision at the home office and the orientation, on-the-ground coaching in the field

PREP Personality Profile Solution:

PREP's survey is offered on their website, a 3-page report was customized using parts of PREP's Job Matching Report, Coaching Report and myCORE Self Report. The results are processed by the client's PREP-trained Administrators in-house and distributed to those on the hiring "home" team (also trained by PREP) along with an orientation report that helps the supervisor coach the new hire, understand where the two will get along well, and where potential friction might develop.


Less than half of purchasing all three reports, for the initial 12 months inventory!

[email protected] - we'd love to help you with your people insight needs and offer a complimentary consultation for a Powered by PREP ™ solution.