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PREP Pro:  Certification for Professionals

PREP-Pro™ Administrator Certification for CORE, the Personal Strengths Profile, Group and Individual Match, Coach Certification

To order the PREP Professional Series Profile Reports, the purchaser must be a certified. To this end, PREP Profile Systems offers PREP-Pro™, the PREP Administrator Certification program.  PREP is a leader in developing practical, easy to implement in-house profile programs resulting in cost effective, in-house selection, training and coaching. The 2 day certification training with standardized pre-work, tests and software practice reports offers organizations a proven, simple way to move beyond consultant dependency to integrate the benefits of PREP in a highly cost-effective manner. 


Some organizations choose to customize the certification delivery.  In these cases, PREP may work directly with its licensed consultants having advanced levels of PREP certification to deliver specialized applications for the client in an integrated approach of “Classroom” and online training.
There are three certification opportunities:

  • Regional “Classroom Training” Certification
  • In-House “Classroom” Certification
  • Online Certification

Regional “Classroom” Certification Programs
These Certifications are scheduled regionally and coordinated by PREP on a periodic basis. Individual companies can receive standard discounts for sending multiple employees. Previously certified Administrators may attend to refresh or expand their understanding of the instruments and learn more about company and corporate needs and possible applications.

See the Calendar of Events or contact PREP for a schedule of Certification trainings near you.

In-House (Private) “Classroom” Certification Programs
The Administrator Certification training can be customized for in-house management and team development workshops. It is a hands-on course for administering, interpreting and applying the profiles for interviewing, selecting, hiring, team, coaching and management development.  This can be combined with a Certified Licensed Professional Consultant’s special applications training to offer the client even greater benefits and integrations with organizational programs.

Online Certification Programs
PREP offers individuals the opportunity to become certified in a mentor-based, one-on-one or small group online venue.  PREP uses a unique and personal approach to its training. Study materials, PowerPoint slides, section tests are made available online. A personal PREP Certification coach, who reviews and comments on your Section Tests, is available via email and phone is available for online certifications.  Difficult questions on interpretations are forwarded to the research team for timely response for student certification timelines.

Once certified online, Administrators are eligible to attend live certification training at no extra tuition cost for the following twelve months. PREP's clients have highly valued how this program reinforces both practice and understanding the many layers to PREP’s insightful profile reports.

PREP-Pro™ Administrator Certification
Two days of Certification for Administrators are available.  First Day PREP certification training is for administering the CORE.  The second day is the PREP Coach:  Personal Strengths Profile, Supervisor Match, and Coaching Guide Reports, and Group Match Charts/Reports.  Certification trainings have standardized pre-work and tests. The workshops authorize participants to use the PREP-Pro™ software reports for scoring, charting and detailed interpretation reports.

• Set a framework for consistency of survey administration throughout the PREP network.
• Identify personality-related communication patterns and activities.
• Develop behavioral flexibility in communications.
• Become skilled in rapport building with different personalities, in a variety of situations: work, teams, high stress, personal life.
• Manage personal communications in a resourceful manner to enhance trust in organizational and Develop skills for leadership coaching, professional/personal alignment and change/stress management.
• Enhance team coaching skills.
• With PREP-Pro certification, you will qualify for quantity discounts on PREP materials.
• Qualify for the Consultant’s International User Conference and advanced PREP workshops.

We can customize an in-house workshop for your organization, contact us!

PREP Job-Pro™ Administrator Job Match  Certification
The advanced certification training for administering the Job Match Reports is a one-day workshop. This program is designed for Managers with Hiring Responsibilities and HR professionals that serve as the key administrators of the corporate PREP Profile system. Prerequisite is the PREP Administrator Certification and a recommended 6 months of in-house practice using the profile reports in a work setting.

PREP Job-Pro™ administrators learn the inner workings of the PREP job profiling system, as well as how to interpret, give feedback and customize implementation into your organization. PREP Job-Pro™ Licensed Administrators will be comfortable identifying and applying key interview questions, mis-match verification questions for reference checking and second round candidate interviewing, and how to create new benchmark positions for your organization. This workshop authorizes organizations to use the PREP Job-Pro™ software reports in-house. The workshop is available online or through scheduled trainings either regionally or in-house by arrangement.

For more information or to schedule one of these trainings, kindly contact us at [email protected].



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