PREP Pro™ Personality Profile Reports

CORE™ Pro Career Profile

The CORE™ Pro Career Profile is the foundation of the professional surveys, providing the individual with 10 to 14 pages of information on their natural style personality, preferences on communication and problem-solving styles as well as motivators. The first of our Professional Series is available online. It includes the easy-to-understand powerful graphs that provide the basis of our entire professional suite of applied personality profile reports. Our excerpted sample CORE™ Pro Career Profile includes the Natural Style and Trait Summary Charts, with sample careers and suggested natural-match job activities.

View a Sample Career Profile (pdf)

The Personal Strengths Profile

The Personal Strengths Profile includes the CORE™ Pro Career Profile, as well as the first impression you make, how you are currently responding to your life events, your behavioral motivations, energy and stress levels. Our excerpted sample Personal Strengths Profile includes a Data Graph with the information covered in detail in the PSP Report.

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The Coaching Guide Report

The Coaching Guide Report is for PREP Administrators and offers supervisors insight into coaching their staff for leadership, sales, specialist, and staff positions. It is especially helpful in understanding new employees, motivating in high change situations, and coaching in sensitive or difficult areas. Please contact your Licensed Professional Consultant or PREP's customer support for more information.

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The Individual Matching Report

The Individual Matching Report offers team members, managers and employees an objective perspective of how their two personality styles could be anticipated to interact-both the "matching points" as well as the challenges. This is invaluable when working to enhance team work, get along with your supervisor or staff or try to strategically place the right person in the right job.

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The Job Match™ System

The Job Match™ System provides managers with critical pre-hire information, potential match and mismatch areas, interview screening questions, a description of how a particular candidate would do the specific job, his or her preferred work environments, and a supervisor-candidate match. Our excerpted sample Job Match™ Report includes a sample candidate comparison, rating chart and interview questions.

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The Group Match Charting and Report

The Group Match Charting and Report options help managers, HR professionals and trainers prepare for a team building or group workshop where participants will learn best by knowing each others' styles. In an environment where the groups can build trust by understanding each other's strengths and support areas, the PREP reports and charts give quick visual insight to group and team strengths and weaknesses. The narrative reports offer easy workshop preparation, doing a matrix-matching and peer/supervisory coaching tips for group members.

View a Sample Group Match Profile (pdf)

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