Coaching to More Effectively Apply myCORE and PREP Reports

What is PREP's Online Coaching?

  • Online Coaching is the process through which insight from the PREP or myCORE Reports is translated into behavioral understanding
  • Online Coaching offers the individual objectivity and experience as an outside perspective--discussions can be frank and sometimes easier than in an in-person environment.
  • Coaching is driven from the individual's desired outcomes or goals: for feedback or suggestions of different communication approaches to try.

What PREP's Online Coaching is NOT:

  • Coaching is neither counseling nor therapy.
  • A prescription to change behaviors, relationships or leave jobs. The sessions offer communication insights and different approaches that might give greater behavioral flexibility in a particular situation.
  • Long term coaching for lifestyle changes. PREP can support your regular coach to help integrate your personality component with key life changes you are considering, but long-term coaching is usually most effectively handled "locally."

Who Conducts PREP's Online Coaching?

PREP's professionals, lead by JoAn Mann, MBA, GPHR and Founder of PREP, have been coaching individuals for years based on their personality, background and current goals. Having your personality profile at hand, much of the initial small-talk can be transformed into useful, goal oriented discussion of your needs in the session.

What is the Coach’s role?

  • Facilitate the discussion and refinement of the individual’s goals.
  • Acknowledge the individual’s experience without judgment or lecturing.
  • Be a mirror to offer clarity and perspective and to promote insight for the individual.
  • Model behaviors being taught.
  • Summarize insights, learnings of the session as reinforcement.

Typical Coaching topics include:

  • Career matching
  • Choosing a major in school
  • Reviewing areas for re-entering the job market
  • Communication approaches at work - with peers, supervisors, vendors, employees, key management or board members
  • Approaching friends and family members in a respectful way, using personality as a neutral, trust-building language

10 minute free phone consultation available.

1 hour $125
45 min $105
30 min $75

Contact [email protected] for more information on our coaching services, or schedule your session or consultation online.

What's New at PREP

PREP Certified Coach Training September 20 in Chicago, IL. Please contact [email protected] for more information and registration!
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