Personality-based Leadership Training and Organizational Development

PREP’s reports are ideal to integrate into Leadership Training programs—whether at the most basic level on-the-floor or into an executive leadership program. Emphasizing self-coaching at the heart of Leadership and self-organized learning, the PREP reports offer coaching, career matching, strengths and potential friction tips.  Clear understanding of the impact made on others and what would help developmentally are also expressed in the PREP Reports used in Leadership Development.

PREP reports can improve an organization’s common language for solving problems and communicating on a daily basis through strengths -- no stereotypes or one-leadership-style-only brand of assessment! 

At PREP, we recognize there are as many effective leaderships styles as there are people, and that team roles, timing, training and experience shape the mix of the well-groomed competent leader for your organization. The PREP assessment can point out strengths, natural role/s, timing and current motivation that help both individuals and organizations in the rewarding and time-consuming care Leadership Development requires.

PREP has been setting the Leadership styles standard since its inception and has offered clients such as AMD, Cognis, Boeing, First American, Jeld-Wen, Vistage, University of Applied Sciences, the US Federal Government’s top management teams in the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management remarkable insight that has facilitated change and growth over the years.

The PREP Report is versatile and can be adapted for different organizational needs. The Group Chart component allows organizations to map strategic growth and succession planning development targets, while the Coaching Guides direct individuals and supervisors to better relate on a daily basis, improving both productivity and employee satisfaction while creating long term understanding and trust for the organization.

Members of PREP’s extensive network of certified professionals can facilitate Leadership Styles for your organization, or to have your own in-house professionals certified to run PREP leadership trainings and off-sites in-house, please contact us at  [email protected]


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