The PREP™ Integrated Personality Factor Model

The PSP was designed in 1984 to examine a unified theory of personality combining three key elements into personality assessment:

  • Simplicity of words, using validated 8th Grade common reading level vocabulary
  • Synthesis of the Jungian (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Big Five Factor and the Four Trait/Quadrant models
  • A new change-readiness/stress hardiness long-term stress measurement of perceived interpersonal competence that had been observed to have high correlation in two Beta test groups
Diagram of the PREP™ Personality Model

Since the original successful research study and validation of the integrative model with over 1600 individuals, PREP has undergone validity and reliability studies using original research protocols as well as benchmarking against industry accepted and time tested instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as well as Quadrant Based Models and most recently the Big Five Factor NEO-PI.

The face validity of PREP ranks among the highest in the assessment industry that generates over $400 million annually. This research has produced a robust, real-time instrument that measures an individual’s current energy, stress, adapted style and motivation as well as their “natural” style that tends to remain relatively constant over time. Therefore, our clients don’t just receive valuable information about their preferences, they can determine the effectiveness of their personal style and self-management skills over time.

Using state-of-the-art statistical factor analysis, PREP’s validated, highly reliable 8th grade common reading level adjectives take only 5-7 minutes to generate astonishing insight into one’s current motivation, personality, change readiness and energy reserve. Additionally, the simplicity of the PREP Survey words gives remarkable test-retest reliability, arguably the highest in the psychometrics field. 


JoAn Mann has an aptitude for working with people. Her PREP Profile System is amazingly accurate and has helped to transform our organization, but it is her communication skills mixed with the profile that enables her to accomplish so much.DR - Owner
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