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Through a network of highly trained professional consultants, our clients can fully integrate the PREP approach into their organizations either through outside consulting or by being certified for in-house use.

PREP Profile Systems, Inc. distributes its materials through independent Licensed Professional Consultants, PREP Certified Consultants and Authorized Consultants. These consultants and their clients have ongoing access to PREP's library, research and information services.

PREP's Authorized Consultant Directory

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Individual Prep Certified Consultants

*In-house Certified PREP Administrators 


    Connecting Insights    [email protected]
    PREP has a consulting arm, Connecting Insights, directed by JoAn Mann. This management consulting and leadership training company specializes in building and aligning organizations through top-down coaching techniques aligning corporate cultures, communications, strategic team development and custom strategic assessment services, from funding to executive outplacement. See JoAn Mann's Bio.


    CoActive Coaching   Email!

    CoActive Coaching is an innovative, executive coaching firm specializing in encouraging business owners, executives, and key decision-makers to live fuller, richer, more satisfying lives by providing new thinking that increases performance in the design of their role, offer, team, peers, customers, and the future they are producing for themselves.  CoActive Coaching


    danamics   Email!

    danamics, an Oregon based Management training firm, is dedicated to bringing high impact, customized, people and business development solutions to clients. We believe everyone seeks to perform with excellence, maximizing their strengths and understanding their shadows. danamics


    Dynamic Potential Executive Coaching   Email!

    At Dynamic Potential Executive Coaching we understand the importance of leadership development. Our team of experienced coaches can provide your organization with the tools and strategies to keep you growing as individuals and as a team. Dynamic Potential Executive Coaching


    Jo Smith Associates Incorporated   Email!

    Jo Smith Associates Incorporated works with firm leaders, practice groups, and individual professionals to help them achieve greater success with the following three-step method: 1. Create powerful goals that are consistent with your purpose, desires, and passion.  2. Design a strategic action plan to achieve your most important goals. 3. Implement your plan. Jo Smith Associates Incorporated


    Juniper Management Advisors   Email!

    Juniper Managmement Advisors primary goal is to help business owners to enhance the value of business, through acquisition or new business development. We also work with business owners who want to sell their business, whether they are looking to retire; or, to divest business units that will allow them to focus on core growth opportunities. Juniper Management Advisors


    KL Martzall     Email! 
    Based in Lancaster County, PA we serve clients across the US and Canada. KL Martzall was founded by Kirby Martzall with over three decades of experience helping executives increase effectiveness and enhance personal life, while helping organizations embrace change, improve their business performance and truly make a difference.

    Leadership Development International (LDi)  Email!
    Leadership Development International (LDi), has a history of more than 20 years in key cities in China, equipping urban professionals. LDi's Mission is "to promote a culture of integrity to urban professionals and their families through character-centered education services". LDi

    Management Strategies    Email!
    Mary Stolp is the president of Management Strategies headquartered in Austin Texas. Management Strategies specializes in supporting senior management in the areas of leadership, behavior profiling, team-building, and organizational effectiveness. The company provides executive coaching, planning and team development, custom training initiatives, staffing, and conference design and facilitation for private and non-profit clientele.

    Newton Learning    Email!
    Newton Learning, based in San Diego, CA, and its team of facilitators and consultants work with CEOs, Presidents, business owners and their executive teams to strengthen their abilities to lead and manage. They provide a wide array of executive services designed to enable the company leadership to identify the real issues affecting the business and provide clear focused direction for the organization. Newton Learning

    OrgCode Consulting Inc. Email! 

    Org code works with the fundamental elements of transformation: vision, creation, innovation, inspiration, leadership, knowledge, courage, and resolve.  Like people, organizational DNA is diverse and unique – our work with over 100 clients during the past 20 years has helped us capture and replicate the code that successful organizations embody. OrgCode

    Parallax Consulting, Inc.    Email!
    Co-founded in 1992 by Don Johnston and Cynthia Weeks, Parallax Consulting, Inc. is an organizational consulting firm that focuses on people - people as individuals, in teams, as leaders, as members of different cultures, in the midst of change. The PREP system is a key component of their work - from organizational consulting to team building, from skill building to coaching.   Parallax Consulting, Inc.


    People Etc.  Email!  

    People Etc. handles human resource and payroll functions while you focus on operating and growing your business. People Etc. will streamline operations and reduce company expenses while providing you with flexible up-to-date solutions.  Their Mission is to provide you with the best customer service, solutions for your business, and create a relationship built on personal trust and company-wide integrity. People Etc.


    Possibilities Consulting   Email!

    We are dedicated to realizing human potential in the workplace by providing our clients with dynamic experiential trainings, masterful facilitation and individual consultation.

    We assist organizations to create an environment that fosters consistent excellence by promoting personal accountability, respectful interactions, and open, honest communication.

    Our training courses, facilitation and consulting services result in tangible increases in employee loyalty, trust and integrity.  Reduced stress and enhanced employee job satisfaction translate into higher productivity and profitability, the benchmark of a successful organization.


    Resource Link Consulting Group Co., Ltd.    Email!
    Resource Link was established as a Thai-Australian Joint Venture of HR recruitment and consulting firm in Bangkok, March 1999.

    The Company’s positioning is to be the one among the top recruitment consulting firms for middle to top executive recruitment and HR consultation. Resource Link is the first recruitment/ executive search firm in Thailand, offering “Customized Recruitment and HR Consultation” as per customers’ needs, and the first who not only views Recruitment Service as an Assignment but a Long-Term Business Commitment. Resource Link

    SBC and associates.  Email!

    SBC and associates helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations strategically grow, change, and thrive.  Michael Smith shows a keen ability to delve into the core of a business and empower its members to create the necessary and meaningful strategies and opportunities. SBC and associates


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