Integrated Approach to Personality Profiles


The myCORE Self Profile is the foundation of our approach to integrating personality insights for better overall life-work alignment. Next, the depth of how individuals currently adapt to the changes in their lives is captured through the powerful Personal Strengths Profile. The Coach offers insight into how our personality communicates with and impacts those around us, as well as how we would prefer daily interactions and communications.  The Job Match Profile helps integrate the personality of a position or career role with the individual doing that job. How we work--and could ideally establish community--is shown in the Group Match Profile Reports and Charts.

PREP's Personality Profile System offers you an opportunity to:

...apply insights from your CORE personality to

...find the right career match to

...understand the impact of your actions on yourself and others strong groups by matching the right person to the right job or assignment

...and then interact with each other, using respectful language to better listen, understand, effectively communicate and build high trust relationships.

SELF - The myCORE™ Series offers online self-reflective personality profile reports

The myCORE series provides information about natural personality strengths, as well as problem solving and communication styles. These reports are designed for individuals and small groups to understand and enhance their own strengths in communication, career matching, interpersonal relationships and to identify their personal challenges to better communication with others and direct their goals and desires more effectively. Consultants, Coaches and HR/Training Professionals offer myCORE Self series personality reports as an easy-to-use ice breaker for coaching, leadership training and team building.

ADAPTATION - The PREP-Pro™ Series features the Personal Strengths Profile

The Personal Strengths Profile is the cornerstone of the PREP Professional Personality Profile System. It provides unique insight using not only the CORE subscales of a person’s personality traits, but more powerfully, how those CORE traits are behaviorally adapting, revealing an individual's current change readiness and hardiness. These additional measurements include current motivation profile, how well personal expectations have been met and coping energy reserve and overall stress levels.

The Graphs and Subscales for the Personal Strengths Profiles are an invaluable managers coaching tool for assessing employee strengths, motivation, change readiness and career directions.

The assessment has been cross-culturally normed, and continues to be internationally validated. The PREP Pro series is the cornerstone of global leadership development programs for several major corporations.

COMMUNICATION - The Coach Series promotes Internal- and External Coaching

The Coach Series offers a myCORE Guide as a self-coaching report, an 'owner's manual' on your communication preferences, as well as  tips to help you understand your impact on others.  Then, you have more choices in how you respond in difficult situations.

The Professional Coaching Guide is designed for Organizational Internal or External Coaches in supporting executives, employees and individuals in making choices that will help them thrive and succeed in achieving their goals and dreams.  The report is edited by the individual, then serves as a draft for working on behaviors that if altered, could significantly enhance the quality of the individual's work or personal life.

There is a one-page Group Coach Report that is helpful in team-building, organization and community group situations.

CAREER ROLE - The Job Match and Career Profile System offers Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Report Insights

The Job Profile System matches the individual with a specific career role/position.  Professionals and managers with Human Resource recruiting functions find this to be a powerful tool and value the practical interview questions in the report. We evaluate many factors, and our system allows additional refinement to include experience, educational, skill competencies if desired. The system complies with Affirmative Action and EEOC standards.

Our clients swear by the system. We want you to thoroughly check candidates out and use our Job Match Reports as they would verify a very insightful reference check. And, we give you the revealing behaviorally based interview questions to ask of the candidate and references so you aren't just taking our word for it. This "reference check" Job Match Report offers insight into the person's current motivation for that position, change readiness and overall personality match.

Our clients tell us that if the person is not a match, and they hire "against the Job Match profile", they haven't had success in onboarding those individuals.

Once trained in the Job Match System, you can more easily analyze the personality requirements of a position—both understanding which careers are well suited for which individuals as well as identifying top candidates and eliminating poorly matched applicants.

Training in the system assists managers and HR specialists to write effective recruitment ads and for developing effective interviewing and reference checking questions. 

COMMUNITY - The Group Match Profile Series offers Team Charts, Graphs and Group Reports

These clear, simple, easy-to-apply charts of group personalities and dynamics offer managers, consultants and facilitators visual snapshots to understanding group dynamics. How do people develop groups?  What sort of community will they establish?  Where will things likely need adjustment and support?

Managers as well as group members will understand how to effectively become a top-performing team by emphasizing strengths and reinforcing team weaknesses through these highly visual charts and graphs. The charts often indicate areas where the team might become even better through bringing on specific talent to fill "empty" spots for 360 degree thinking.

Brief, highly usable report sets for individual group members bring rapid insight on how they will most naturally work well together and what frictions will likely develop. They will also learn an effective, trust-building approach to each other. The color-coded charts allow team members to intuitively understand each others’ strengths and challenges.


I started working with PREP in 1987. Since then, PREP's expertise has helped me help dozens of organizations grow logically and with more applied intelligence than would have been possible otherwise. After using the profiles for 20+ years, I have learned not to doubt the validity of the profile results.CM - Consultant
Portland, OR

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