Hiring and Talent Acquisition

Job Match™: Benchmarking, Selection and Hiring Reports

Since 1984, PREP Profile Systems, Inc. has provided organizations with better hiring decisions for matching prospective employees with the right job. Our Job Match™ Program makes those insights available directly to employers as a part of their hiring process through our Consulting program or our In-house Job Match Certified Administrator Program.

PREP Job Match Consulting Services offer:

The PREP Job Match Program offers employers a 24-hour or faster turnaround assessment and consultation service to review their candidates' personality and stress levels, send a Job Match report with critical data on how they would match, where the potential friction would be, which interview questions (for references or candidates) will help to re-direct out the 'Do not hire' category candidates as well as a portrait of how that candidate would perform the job.  All of this online with a brief consultive phone or email chat.  Powerful and very cost effective when hiring fewer than 10 positions per year.

In-House PREP Reports for Job-Matching offer:

Job Matching

If you hire more people, consider the in-house Certified Administrator Job Match program. We'll train your recruitment and selection team in how to use the Job Match and support your supervisors in orienting new staff--how to coach and retain after the careful and costly selection process.

Custom Job Match Benchmarks

We offer clients Custom Job Benchmarking for those difficult or high importance positions that have too much turnover or are just "tricky". PREP can assist your organization to either develop a custom Job Benchmark or to generate reports through PREP’s Job-Match™ Service and extensive database on successful job-personality styles.

Sample Industry Benchmarks

Using the PREP Job Benchmarking statistical process, a number of positions have been extensively analyzed since 1983. A few of these include:

  • Accounting:  Bookkeeping, CPA’s, payroll
  • Athletic Clubs:  Front desk, sales, aerobics instructors, general managers, back office, fitness instructors
  • Banking:  Tellers, new accounts, branch managers, credit administrators, marketing, trust
  • Car Dealerships:  Sales, sales managers, service, parts, administration
  • Education:  Teachers, principals, special education, librarians, counselors
  • High Tech - R & D:  Scientists, bench chemists, test engineers, design engineers, PhD’s, analytical chemists, programmers, computer specialists; both entrepreneurial and multinational firms represented
  • Hotel - Restaurant:  Front desk, housekeeping, general managers, human resource directors, food servers, cooks, host staff, reservations, concierge, sales & catering
  • Human Resources:  Directors, benefits administrators, interviewing specialists, generalists
  • Land - Developers:  Contractors, land developers, real estate transactions, public relations, recreation specialists
  • Legal:  Corporate attorneys, trail attorneys, legal assistants
  • Manufacturing:  Supervisors, entry , leads, computerized systems, manual processes
  • Medical Offices:  Front office staff, back office staff (clinics); hospital nurses, physical therapy, physicians, physician assistants, hospital and private clinic staffing, collections, filing
  • Office:  Clerical, reception, customer service, filing, administrators
  • Radio Media:  Sales, programming, sales managers, office managers
  • Real Estate:  Sales, brokers, clerical
  • Ski Resorts:  Lift operators, ticket collectors, information and guest services, cafeteria staff, managers, sales
  • Social Services:  Counselors, social service staff, fund raisers, clerical
  • Stock & Financial:  Brokers, office administrators, assistants
  • Utilities:  Managers, line workers, night supervisors, office staff, engineers

What do employers value about our Job Match Program?

  • Receive well-worded interview questions for candidates and references to receive deeper insight-appropriate even for today’s litigious environment.
  • Open communication so that the employer and the employee make informed choices. Many users report that PREP's survey enhances communication with candidates so if not a match, the candidate removes himself or herself from the running.
  • Assess a candidate’s readiness for change so a new employee acquires the necessary skills to take on a new position. Our systems reveal stress and energy reserve levels that can hinder a new employee’s ability to learn and absorb information.
  • Our extensive database on jobs and industries that we've spent years gathering as to which personalities match best with which careers.

The Job Match Report provides Candidate Information:

  • The candidate's personality and probable behavior in the position.
  • A comparison of the candidate's profile with the target profile.
  • A narrative explanation and rating of the implications of the matches and mismatches between the candidate's profile and the target.
  • A report of the potential perceptions -- and misperceptions -- between the candidate and the supervisor
  • The most motivating work environments for the candidate
  • Fine-tuned interview and reference questions to results.
  • Let us support your talent acquisition initiatives! Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to schedule an in-house Job Matching™ program