PREP Personality Profile Reports

PREP personality reports help you discover your personality factor-- "who you really are" - in a non-judgmental, informative way.  You will get tips and advice for making better life choices. You won’t get advice on how to change to match someone else's expectations. Most importantly, you will learn that there is no good or bad way to be. There is no right or wrong. But, there are clear ways to communicate to be heard when people have quite different personalities and assumptions. 

Additionally, for the Professional using PREP reports, we integrated all our reports for you to deliver a powerful, totally aligned system of personality reports for your staff or clients.

Reports - Powered by PREP™

The Survey's easy web-based, simple, and non-threatening vocabulary delivers incredibly accurate, positive and powerful personality reports that combine the best of all personality metrics. With the integrative personality type model, PREP simplifies personality additionally through color-coding.  The professional reports feature dynamic stress lines indicating behavioral and motivational change as well as energy reserve and change readiness.

The profiles are affordable and integrate into a system that arms you with the tools you need to make decisions and solve problems. 

Link to myCORE™ Personality Profile uses for individuals

myCORE™ reports... begin to understand how you can:

  • communicate more effectively with the people in your life
  • choose the right career
  • find your own path to happiness and success
  • understand your unique personality factor
Link to PREP™ Professional Personality Assessments

PREP™ Professional reports... add trait subscales, stress and change readiness measurements

In the PREP professional report series you’ll have the training to interpret the extensive charts and graphs for the PREP personality profile system to additionally identify your:

  • first impression personality profile
  • current motivation
  • energy reserve
  • short and long term stress levels
  • change readiness

PREP's aligned personality profile report system features:

Common Needs What is Measured? Which Report Series do I order?
Personal Communication Skills
Career Development
Leadership Development
Team Building Intro/Ice Breaker

Details of the person’s natural personality: strengths and challenges myCORE Series
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Getting along with Others
Coaching for Success
Leadership/Management Skills
Team Building
Tips and Suggestions on how to improve communication skills and interpersonal relationships myCORE and Professional Coaching Series or Custom Report.
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Life Change Coaching
Career Development
Recruitment, Selection
Retention and Motivation

Identification of current motivation, energy and assessing change-hardiness and -readiness PREP Professional Series
Hiring:  Recruitment, Selection Retention and Motivation
Succession planning
Outplacement and Job Search
Profile of the person’s first impression on others - how they will interview
Professional Coaching & Job Match Series, or Custom Report.
Improving Group Dynamics
Team Building
Hiring, promotions
Succession planning

Group Matching natural personality matching and friction identification myCORE and Professional Group Match Series, Custom Report.
Leadership Development
Team Building
Career Development
Succession planning
Natural Career Personality Matching myCORE and Professional Job Match Series, Custom Report.

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