myCORE Personality Reports

myCORE™ individual personality reports provide descriptions of how you communicate with others, make decisions, react under pressure and respond to different environments—all of which applies to careers you’ll match best, how to best present your strengths to employers or on a school application or learn to communicate better with your friends, family, partner and colleagues. 

myCORE Free Introductory Report

As part of our ongoing commitment to research in global personality studies, this free introductory report introduces your primary CORE™ Trait with a brief description of your strengths and interactions.  As a thank you for participating, you also receive a $5 coupon towards any of the other online myCORE Reports! View Sample Introductory Report (pdf)

myCORE Self Report Series

myCORE™ Self Report: Focuses on your Strengths, Challenges and Difficult Situations that is an abbreviated version of the myCORE™ Professional Report. You’ll learn about your two primary trait characteristics that describe your most basic nature and preferences.                                                                         $14.95
View Sample Self Report (pdf)

CORE™ Professional Report: The first in the PREP Professional personality report series that offers you the full CORE subscales behind all the myCORE reports—including your communication and problem-solving preferences, impact on the environment, activity orientation, your Trait Summary Chart and more!     $55
View Sample Self Report (pdf)

myCORE™ Career Series

myCORE™ Career Guide: This foundational career report offers you informative descriptions on best- match careers and motivating career environments for your CORE™ personality. This report is designed to help you begin exploring your optimal and most Natural Career Matches and educational majors.                   $24.95 View Sample Career Guide Report (pdf)

Beyond myCORE:  PREP™ Professional Report Series

The myCORE Pro Report is the first in the Professional Series and is available (described above).  There are many other PREP Professional Reports that are available to you through Certified PREP Consultants or a Certifed coach for online coaching.  These reports give you feedback on your change readiness, current motivation, energy reserve, overall stress level, first impression on others and more.   Please email [email protected] for more information on these assessments and how they might benefit you!


Thank you for this opportunity to complete the PREP Research Questionnaire. The results precipitated an internally induced laughter as I acknowledged, "That's me!" I forwarded the original email to some of my Early Career Folks and their response was very positive. They too acknowledged that the results gave them insights into themselves. GJR - Natural Resources Team Leader
McKenzie River Ranger District

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