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Personality Types and Traits

The CORE Traits and the Adaptive Style are the heart of PREP's CORE Reports and Profile System. The more you understand of the different personality styles, the more you will understand and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. The following is an overview to the traits, their deeper meanings as represented by the mythological characters associated with the different styles and briefly how to recognize the different styles. PREP’s reports offer insights into how personality impacts different aspects of communication, career choices, interpersonal relationships and change/stress management. PREP trainings and mentor sessions - whether face-to-face or online - offer deeper application of personality to careers, hiring, staff development, consulting , coaching, stress management, relationships and training.

The Controlling style is proactive, self-directed, thinking- and outcome-oriented.

Natural leaders .... Strong decision-makers ... Want clear goals and outcomes ... Ask directly for what they want ... Adventurers.

In Greek mythology, the representative character of the Controlling Style is Prometheus, a primordial-based Titan, who embodies foresight. He and his twin were in charge of distributing Personality Traits to all the creatures on earth. When his twin ran out of positive traits by the time he came to humans, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity to rescue people from ignorance, enlightening the world. The Olympian gods were not pleased and punished Prometheus, partially with his gift of forethought and ability to visualize the future, which is not always good to know!

You can recognize Controlling styles by their intense interest in "getting to the point" and may at times step on toes to get it!

Careers for Controlling styles include directing activities, troubleshooting, supervision and anything requiring goal setting.

The opposite traits are supportive and Relaxed.

The Outgoing style is proactive, others-referenced, feeling- and people/process oriented.

Naturally optimistic ... Eager to meet and greet people ... Talkative ... Prefer to discuss friendly topics, nothing negative ... Seek to have fun.

In Greek mythology, Dionysus (also known as Bacchus in Roman myths), brought an end to worrying and woes through wine or ritual madness or ecstasy. Bringing joy and happiness to others is a passion for those with the Outgoing trait. Their sense of fun can look like a child-like zeal both contagious for its enthusiasm and annoying when it’s time to really get down to work.

You can recognize Outgoing Styles by their happy, sometimes very proactive personal greeting, "Hi!" even when others are trying to focus or concentrate on something else.

Careers for Outgoing styles include public relations and just about anything with interactive people processes.

The opposite traits are Exacting and introspective.

The Relaxed style is responsive, self-referenced, feeling- and people/process oriented.

Peace-seeking ... listeners and observers ... long-term relationship oriented ... self-reflective ... enjoy a relaxed pace.

In Greek mythology, Apollo brought humanity soulful contemplation, music and the arts, athletic ability, healing and also revenge. Apollo is important and a many-sided Olympic God. Medicine and healing were associated with Apollo, and he functioned as the patron god of music and poetry. He had magical powers that could both bring on a plague and cure it - however he desired to act.

Relaxed styles are sometimes not as easy to recognize as they are often good listeners and may enjoy their observing, quiet position to that of being "front and center" and may deflect the focus of attention being solely on them.

Careers for Relaxed styles are planning processes and just about anything requiring relationship development.

The opposite traits are Controlling and urgent.

The Exacting style is responsive, others-referenced, thinking- and task/outcome oriented.

Organized ... Analytical ... Loyal and fairness oriented ... Detailed ... Want to do right/fulfill their Duty

In Greek mythology, Epimetheus, embodying hindsight, was Prometheus’ twin brother - the one who handed out positive personality traits to all the creatures, but ran out of the positive traits before he got to humans ... For his twin brother’s cleverness in stealing fire to save humans from forever being ignorant, they were both punished by the gods. The gods delivered beautiful Pandora, to Epimetheus, who promptly fell in love with, having no foresight and not heeding his brother’s warnings. Pandora’s curiosity created the situation of her enlisting Epimetheus to join in opening the forbidden jar. Then, all the misfortunes of the world were unleashed ... but at the bottom was fragile hope, that grew stronger as the will to look beyond the evils of the daily world. For his part of yet another punishment by the gods for standing by Pandora, Epimetheus spent the rest of his days in service to humanity.

Recognize the Exacting styles by their use of words like "should," "is this right/fair?" ; their love of getting things "right" may create situations where they may criticize others and point out every little mistake - to correct it, so it is right.

Careers for the Exacting style include  administration and just about any kind of quality control or detail review.

The opposite traits are generalizing and Outgoing.

The Adaptive style is responsive, others-referenced, feeling- and people/process oriented.

Adaptive ... Flexible ... Like to present/hear more than one perspective ... Prefer to keep options open ... Versatile

In Hindu mythology, Vishnu is the key of the trinity representing preservation, with Shiva and Brahma being the Destroyer and Creator, respectively. As Preserver, Vishnu is all-knowing and all-powerful. Vishnu comes from the word Vish, meaning to spread in all directions, to pervade. He is the inner core or point through which all things pass. Vishnu comes in the forms of Avatars or 10 major manifestations that come to help earth and humanity: in fish, animal or human shapes with super powers.

Recognizing Adaptive styles may take a little observation - the key comes when they begin asking for more options - one of their passions in life.

Careers for Adaptive styles include coordinating activities, being the middle or 'point person' of about any kind of group activity.

The opposite traits are very wide styles that are more predictable behaviorally.

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