Understand your Personality Type

What can myCORE Report tell me?

Think of your myCORE™ report as your personalized Owner’s Manual, your guide to understanding yourself! It all begins with your personalized my CORE™ Self Report-- a powerful tool for unlocking the key to your natural CORE Personality.

Improving Communication

The myCORE™ reports provide descriptions of how you communicate with others, make decisions, react under pressure and respond to different environments—all of which applies to careers you’ll match best, how to best present your strengths to employers or on a school application or learn to communicate better with your friends, family, partner and colleagues.

Are there myCORE™Reports for different purposes?

Yes! Whether you are looking for career advice, personal insight into your strengths, or just a better understanding of “who you are,” there is a PREP Report for you! And, you only have to take one 5-7 minute quiz that is described by most as “fun to take!” to receive any of our surprisingly insightful reports– from the myCORE™ Self Series to the CORE2CORE Series that compares your personality with a friend’s, family member’s or colleague’s personality to the CORE Community Series where you can see how a community of friends, family, work personality styles all match , communicate and fit together.

We put a lot of research into making this survey non-judgmental and very user-friendly. Check it out, share, compare with your friends as you become part of the growing my CORE™ Community.

myCORE™ Introductory Report

View Sample Introductory Report (pdf)

This is the Free introduction to your personality you receive just for :

1.joining the myCORE™ Research Community to participate in the global cross-cultural personality study that started in Summer of 2008 in the USA and will be including people from around the globe.

2.Take the survey! It takes just 7-10 minutes to do the survey and …

3.You’ll immediately receive a brief report, which is an abridged version of the myCORESelf and the full professional myCORE™ Pro version, which provides a description of how you communicate with others, read more...

4.Receive a $5 coupon to order a complete report that will help you apply your personality insights to understanding yourself, learning to coach yourself to better communications, and identify careers and majors that match your personality….

myCORE™ Self Series

View Sample Self Series Report (pdf)

myCORE™ Self Report: Focuses on your Strengths, Challenges and Difficult Situations that is an abbreviated version of the myCORE™ Professional Report. You’ll learn about your two primary trait characteristics that describe your most basic nature and preferences, read more...

myCORE™ Self Coach Report: If you are re-evaluating what and who you are and why you get into some of the communication or relationship awkward or , this might be the ticket. You’ll learn about your primary and secondary personality traits that make you unique. And, this report highlights activities for you to broaden your flexibility in communications and relationships – especially with people from different personality styles.

myCORE™  Guide: Your personal Owner’s Manual on your communication style – the ‘so what!’ of personality tests… ‘why you do what you do’ for your understanding and self-coaching—you might even want to share it with others to build stronger relationships!

CORE™ Professional Report: The first in the PREP Professional personality report series that offers you the full CORE subscales behind all the myCORE reports—including your communication and problem-solving preferences, impact on the environment, activity orientation, your Trait Summary Chart and more!

myCORE™ Career Series

View Sample Report (pdf)

myCORE™ Career Guide – This foundational career report offers you informative descriptions on best- match careers and motivating career environments for your CORE™ personality. This report is designed to help you begin exploring your optimal and most Natural Career Matches and educational majors, so you can read more...

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