How will myCORE Personality Reports benefit me?

The myCORE reports were designed to improve understanding, communications, relationships and help align your work-personal life to create greater overall fulfillment and happiness... with your choices, interactions with others and yourself.

Improve your relationships with the myCORE Self Series:

  • Share your myCORE Introductory Self Report, and as you are comfortable, the myCORE Self, myCORE Pro reports, with friends, peers, co-workers and family and you'll probably discover:
          --Who's similar to you? 
Being able to just be "you" is common when you are with people who are similar to you.  Somehow you probably relax and recharge naturally when you sense there is a natural flow.  And, there isn't as much need to explain yourself and some of your unique ways of approaching the world... you have company and you are not alone!  Laughing at the same jokes, being embarrassed or frustrated in similar situations or enjoying similar activities and pasttimes happen frequently when you share similar traits. It's important to have some friends and colleagues who are at least somewhat like you--people are relationship oriented at their core, so cherish this energy--it can revitalize your spirit!

          --Who's different from you?
Perhaps some of your differences and misunderstandings are due to your basic personality styles not being the same.  It doesn't make it right or wrong to be different, but it certainly changes how each of us hears and interprets communication messages:  verbally or in writing.  Some of us are straightforward and to-the-point in how we describe (or don't say a lot) our experiences.  Some will be quite verbal with objective information and others don't have much to say about just factual data.  But, change the topic to people's feelings and those having a full and rewarding discussions around analytical, conceptual, problem-solving topics probably go pretty quiet.  Individuals that express more emotional feelings and are deeply curious about people, just for people's sake are rarely interested in the same conversations as our objective, fix-the-problem types of people.  And, the old saying "opposites attract" is so true in our longest and strongest relationships.  That is when we deeply trust and respect each other.

  • Interact with others being mindful that we are each naturally speaking in our very own language... highly influenced by our personality styles.   The more we respect each others' "language" and give each other the personal space and time to integrate the impact of what was said and meant, we improve our relationships and become more effective in our communications.
          --Could you approach others important to you differently? 

If you knew what personality style they had, would you be more relaxed?  Would you respond with more urgency?  Would you take someone who just doesn't say "Good Morning!" as rude and out to "get you" or, perhaps as an individual who is more lost in thought or focused on the next task that should be done... and it really isn't about you!  Or, in the opposite situation, Those "social butterflies" that don't seem to get serious about their work or are late because they stopped to chat with someone... are they really that flaky?  Or, are they more concerned about maintaining the relationship with that other person?  Perhaps their internal clock ticks to people's moods and how smooth or happy the atmosphere is--not by the external digits keeping track of time. The way you bring up the other person's annoying (to you!) behaviors makes all the difference in whether they can actually "hear" your real need or observation.  If each of us did a quick check as to  "how will they respond to this comment at this particular moment", we'd probably decide to not say a lot of what we actually say... and instead might say something more positive.  Once it is out of our mouths... it's like recorded history and very difficult to change things.  With some personalities, they may never forget what was said...

         --Are you in an environment that doesn't match your natural personality well?

Sometimes interactions around us are so different from what will recharge our individual natures that we lose our sense of humor. When this happens, we might say something we really don't mean... at least not when we're rested and not feeling pressured!  Knowing ourselves enough to step back from an unhealthy situation is one of the most important steps to managing our own emotions and being adult in our interactions with others.  Understanding our strengths and weaknesses helps to align our lives:  from our personal activities to our overall career targets and the variety of steps we need to take to get there.  Each of us has a gift that when we develop and grow it, will make big difference not only to us, but to those around us, even people living far from our own homes will experience some level of an enriched life because of sharing our gifts and talents.  Discover your CORE personality and begin to live a more aligned and happier life--doing what you do best, learning and enjoying the great diversity of people that make this world so interesting.