Applying PREP™ Personality Reports

Have you ever wondered???

  • Which career is really right for me?
  • Why is communicating with my family and close relationships so difficult?
  • What should I study in school?
  • Where does my true passion lie?
  • Why do I react the way I do, when I’m under stress?

So, how do I discover more about me?

With about 5 minutes of your time, take the quick, highly validated PREP personality survey-- Or, if you have another 5-7 minutes, you can help us with our global personality research project and take the free-version for the myCORE Introductory Self Report and $5 coupon towards any of the upgrade reports. Here's how you can try it out:

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Thank you for this opportunity to complete the PREP Research Questionnaire. The results precipitated an internally induced laughter as I acknowledged, "That's me!" I forwarded the original email to some of my Early Career Folks and their response was very positive. They too acknowledged that the results gave them insights into themselves. GJR - Natural Resources Team Leader
McKenzie River Ranger District

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