Team Building Workshops and Training

With over 25 years of experience, PREP's Personal Strengths Profile™ and myCORE™ Profiles have been described as “fun and insightful”, and continue to encourage teams to become more productive. This includes creating deeper trust and allowing a sense of humor. Our highly skilled professional consulting team offers a variety of team building programs to fit your particular needs. Additionally, we can train your staff to provide highly effective and more economical team development programs.

Through PREP’s network of experienced and acclaimed trainers, we can help you meet even the most arduous of team challenges. Our PREP Licensed Partners and Facilitators are experts in team building: whether you need experiential ropes course, rafting or intense conflict resolution, our network is available to you, all using the versatile and powerful insight of the Personal Strengths Profile to support your organization’s team development. Call or email PREP for your nearest PREP Certified Team Facilitator for the type of team development you want.

Team Building Outcomes

  • Understand and value different communication and problem-solving styles and strengths.
  • Enhance managerial and leadership communication skills- especially in geographically dispersed operations.
  • Learn techniques to mesh objective decision making with individual personal communication styles.
  • Learn techniques to mesh objective decision making with individual personal communication styles.
  • Hone skills for improving team communications and interactions in a productive and respectful manner.

Our Team Building Working Together™ workshops can be delivered in the classic, optimal face-to-face or for the global economy, we offer the online, value-added webinars.  We adapt to your group and team needs!

Our Team Building programs offer powerful insight, characterized by accountability surrounded by a sense of fun learning.  Other unique features of PREP Team Building Solutions:

Simplicity and Clear Outcomes

  • Common 8th grade words on the survey allow integrated and collaboratively teamwork, from the most entry level to the C-suite, building an organizational culture where all feel respected and purposeful.
  • Straight forward graphs and charts for easy comprehension and practical application.
  • No pigeon-holing or labeling, something that can go "wrong" with a team building using a personality instrument that is not cross-culturally sensitive.  We pride ourselves on the open and non-threatening environment the PREP survey and reports help create.


The report incorporates the theoretical bases from both of the most common personality approaches into the best of both worlds:

  • 4-Quadrant model personality (Driver expressive – amiable – analytic) OR (Dominance – influence-steady-conforming)
  • Jungian (Myers-Briggs) Temperament Preference (Extroversion/Introversion; Sensing/Interactive; Thinking/Feeling; Judging/Perceiving)
  • Integrated, simplified, practical everyday language in PREP's:  Controlling, Outgoing, Relaxed, Exacting - Adaptive (Quadrant model language) that are further refined by the Personal or Objective Communication Style or the Systematic or Innovative Problem-Solving Style.

Fully integrated program:

Providing common language for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Performance review systems
  • Succession Planning

Flexible Survey Versions:

  • Online Survey administration and distribution in 6 Languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Thai and Arabic
  • PREP complete reports in English, Chinese and German.
Team Building
“We use the Profile primarily with teams as a tool to help individuals understand their own behavior and communications styles, and also to provide insights about effective communicating with their teammates. In virtually every team with whom we’ve worked, people with the team reference their styles and communication preferences as they move through the team meetings, using the information from the profiles to help their teammates better understand “where they’re coming from”. We also see the impact of the instruments when clients fill out evaluations for us, frequently referring to what they learned about themselves and their colleagues as some an important part of the session. The PSP is an integral part of the work we do in team strengthening—assisting teams to be more effective at what they do”. ZC and EC, Consultants, Eugene, OR