Client Experiences

We are proud of our clients and their successes! Over 1,000 Clients have used PREP's integrated profile software system of implementation tools and trainings. Our client organizations range from small family businesses, consulting firms, and government agencies to Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Thailand, Australia, India, China and New Zealand.

Our clients are valued development partners that inspire us to create better software and training solutions. PREP’s greatest successes have come from listening and following our client’s insights and needs.

Bank of the Cascades
Relaxed Trait break-out group
  Jeld-Wen small group session   Inaugural China Administrator Training, LDi October, 2004


Hiring the right manager for an organization is complex. Do you want a manager for a start-up, entrepreneurial situation, a motivator for a mature organization, or technically oriented manager with a sales and customer focus? The PREP profile system was designed with versatility in mind: our Job Match™ software lets you customize the situation and offers you specific questions to determine the fit and potential match for future situations.

“Even more valuable than the profiles’ and tools’ utility and convenience is their heart. The core of the PREP philosophy is genuine valuing of each individual’s capacity to make extraordinary contributions, whether to a relation ship or to an enterprise.”
M.B., Zoetos Leadership Services, Seattle, WA


Sales is a challenging position. PREP has been part of numerous radio, auto dealers, insurance, manufacturing, real estate and hospitality industry sales and selections since 1987 in the US, England and New Zealand. Our unique insight on an applicant’s current motivation helps identify beyond the “natural” salesperson and the person hungry for sales. We offer specific guidance in interviewing and reference checking.

Beyond the candidate’s rating we develop questions for deeper probing and evaluation. We match between the specific sales manager and the candidate for that fine tuned fit.

“I have been a satisfied customer of PREP since 1993. PREP has the ability to objectively dissect a potential job candidate’s inherent strengths and deficiencies that simply cannot be uncovered in a customer interviewing process, no matter how rigorous. PREP is an integral part of our hiring process: it saves us time, and ultimately saves us money because we hire better qualified prospects. It is an extremely useful management tool.”
T.H. Sales Director, WCKG Radio, Chicago

Law Enforcement

Hiring courteous, professional, skillful law enforcement staff—whether in police work or jails—PREP has been helping cities and counties in the selection process since 1985. Our instrument can screen for the right community service employee or “regular cop”. We customize our matches to fit your communitie’s needs: whether suburban, small town, inner city—our PREP profile insights offer a guide to your applicants’ problem-solving, motivation and communication style that helps streamline the selection process.

“The City of Bend Police Department has been using PREP Profiles for over ten years as a pre-employment testing tool. The PREP Profile provides us with questions, which are used in conducting background investigations and a way of looking at whether a candidate is a “fit” for the department. It is another tool to provide us information about a candidate, which is essential for the hiring of successful police officer. We have also used PREP for Team management … I highly recommend PREP as…forward thinking (and) professional...”
A.J., Chief of Police, Bend, OR