Expand Your Customer Services with PREP and myCORE Reports and Trainings

Business Opportunities with PREP Profile Systems, Inc.

If you or your company is involved in human resource management or has a direct use for PREP’s report(s) in an OEM application then the PREP Profiles Licensee program may offer you solutions to becoming even more valuable to your clients. Some Licensees offer special hiring, organizational assessment, team development, retreat facilitation or coaching others.

Organizations and individuals can realize:

  • Generous savings, volume discounts
  • Private labeling: Your organizational logo on PREP surveys & materials
  • Opportunity for a profit center
  • Special software access and licensing opportunities
  • Conduct training and certification workshops using PREP products
  • Website links to PREP
  • Network with other PREP Consultants on current new product development and
    referrals in your field of expertise.
Licensed PREP Consultant
Our Professional Consultants appreciate PREP's rock-solid research and ongoing development that actively includes its Consultants, staff and customers to fine-tune new products and services.

If you have energy to burn and desire to make a difference in others' lives by increasing trust, respect and old-fashioned good communications, you would be in good company as a Licensed PREP Consultant.

Prerequisite: Certified PREP Consultant and life experience appropriate to the proposed practice.

OEM License
For online PREP report integration into other management assessment or related services and products, PREP offers a select OEM opportunity. 

prep.profile.systems@gmail.com or fill out our online contact form for more information.


I started working with PREP in 1987. Since then, PREP's expertise has helped me help dozens of organizations grow logically and with more applied intelligence than would have been possible otherwise. After using the profiles for 20+ years, I have learned not to doubt the validity of the profile results.CM - Consultant
Portland, OR

What's New at PREP

PREP Certified Administrator Training Tues-Wed-Thursday(morning), June 19,20,21, 2018 in Orcas, WA. Job Match Certification June 21st 8AM - 5PM. User Conference with Recertification June 22nd, 2018. Please contact info@prep-profiles.com for more information and registration!
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