myCORE Reports

myCORE Research

myCORE Introductory Report

PREP Research
PREP’s latest research study focuses on the next round of cross-cultural validation of the PREP Survey, taking only 5-10 minutes...


myCORE Self Series

myCORE Self

Improve your Relationships...
Share your report with peers, co-workers and relatives to improve understanding and communication. ¦ Who are you similar to? ¦ Could some of your differences be due to misunderstanding your basic personality?


myCORE Career Series

myCORE Career

Advance your Career...
Discover and develop your career with insights that will guide your life-long career path. ¦ What are my most natural career matches? ¦ What work environments are best for me? ¦ What career-related subjects should I study?


myCORE PRO Series

myCORE Pro

Thrive with life changes...
The first in the PREP Professional personality report series that offers you the full CORE subscales behind all the myCORE reports—including your communication and problem-solving preferences, impact on the environment, activity orientation, your Trait Summary Chart and Intro to Natural-Match Careers.